Jan 2, 2016 Nelson SAR was called out in early afternoon for a medical evacuation from 5 mile basin located behind Wh2o Ski Hill.
A well-equipped ski group was enjoying the area and the good conditions when a member of the group suffered a fall resulting in a knee injury.

Due to the location and difficulty to get their injured member out of the valley before dark, Search and Rescue was called to assist.

NSAR accessed the area by helicopter to retrieve the subject. The area was unsuitable for a landing so the team performed a hover entry of one subject and transported to BCEHS at the Nelson airport.

This group was from out of country and they did try to evacuate the subject on their own fearing a rescue bill. Before things got out of hand they were assisted by a local who educated them that in Canada such rescues are “no charge”.

Nelson SAR and BC SAR Association would like the public to know that we do not charge for rescue in Canada.
This time of year darkness comes early and situations in the backcountry can compound quickly. If you are in need of help, make the call right away. Always error on the side of safety.